Military Report: Day 38 of the Israel-Gaza War

Day 38 of the Israel-Gaza conflict sees an increase in military actions, a deepening humanitarian crisis, and significant political developments, raising global concern.

Military Report: Day 38 of the Israel-Gaza War

The 38th day of the Israel-Gaza war was marked by intensified military operations, a worsening humanitarian situation, and notable geopolitical shifts. This report provides a detailed analysis of the military aspects and their broader implications.

Military and Strategic Developments

• Hospitals in Northern Gaza Shut Down: The Hamas-run Health Ministry reported that all hospitals in Northern Gaza are now out of service, signaling a severe healthcare crisis.
• Israeli Action Against Al-Mayadeen: Israel’s security cabinet approved orders to shut down the broadcast and operation of Al-Mayadeen, a channel known for its pro-Hezbollah stance.
• Deaths at Shifa Hospital: The total number of premature babies who have died at Shifa Hospital rose to six, underscoring the tragic human cost of the conflict.
• IDF Preparations for the North: Amid ongoing tensions with Hezbollah, the IDF Chief of Staff announced that the military is preparing action plans for the north, indicating potential escalation in different regions.

International and Political Dynamics

• EU Condemnation of Hamas: European Union countries jointly condemned Hamas for the use of hospitals and civilians as ‘human shields,’ highlighting the complex nature of urban warfare.
• Israeli Foreign Minister’s Statement: Israel’s Foreign Minister commented on the ‘diplomatic window’ for operations in Gaza, suggesting a timeframe for ongoing military actions.
• Internal Criticism of US Policy: An internal State Department memo blasted President Biden’s policy on the Israel-Hamas war, alleging misinformation and accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza.

Humanitarian Crisis

• Rising Death Toll in Gaza: The death toll in Gaza rose to 11,240, with a significant number of women and children among the casualties.
• Destruction of Residential and Religious Sites: The Hamas-run Health Ministry reported the destruction of over 41,000 residential properties and 71 mosques, along with damage to 253 schools.
• Humanitarian Operations at Risk: The UN Relief and Works Agency official warned that humanitarian operations in Gaza will grind to a halt within 48 hours due to a lack of fuel.

Regional and Global Responses

• US Forces Attacked in Syria: Following recent airstrikes in Syria, US forces have been attacked at least four times, indicating a broadening of regional tensions.
• Netanyahu’s Warning to Hezbollah: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned that Hezbollah is ‘playing with fire,’ and its attacks will be met with a stronger response, suggesting potential escalation.


Day 38 of the Israel-Gaza war highlighted the intensifying military conflict, deepening humanitarian crisis, and complex international dynamics. The escalation of military actions, along with the critical situation of healthcare facilities in Gaza, presents an urgent need for diplomatic intervention to prevent further escalation and address the humanitarian needs.