Day 612 of Russia-Ukraine War: Avdiivka, Kherson and International Reactions

On day 612 of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, heavy military engagements continue with Russian forces facing significant losses in Avdiivka and heavy shelling in Kherson. International leaders voice support for Ukraine while scrutinizing bilateral dealings with Russia amidst escalating tensions.

Day 612 of Russia-Ukraine War: Avdiivka, Kherson and International Reactions

The relentless Russia-Ukraine conflict escalates further on its 612th day, revealing the unyielding nature of military engagements and the ever-increasing international concern. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s revelation of Russian troop losses in Avdiivka, coupled with heavy artillery assaults on Kherson, underlines the grim reality of the ongoing struggle. Meanwhile, international dynamics shift as leaders express support for Ukraine and criticize bilateral engagements with Russia that could potentially undermine the united stance on Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Updated Russian Casualties and Losses


• Total Eliminated: 298,420
• Increase: +740 since the last report

The Ukrainian armed forces have been successful in eliminating a significant number of Russian troops. The increase of 740 in the number of eliminated personnel since the last report indicates ongoing intense combat.


• Total Destroyed: 5,167 units
• Increase: +22 units

The Ukrainian defense has been particularly effective against Russian armored units, destroying 22 more tanks since the last update.

Armored Personnel Vehicles (APV)

• Total Destroyed: 9,749 units
• Increase: +23 units

Ukrainian forces have also been successful in targeting Russian armored personnel vehicles, with 23 more units destroyed.

Artillery Systems

• Total Destroyed: 7,180 units
• Increase: +18 units

The Ukrainian military has been effective in neutralizing Russian artillery, a critical component of Russia’s military strategy.

Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS)

• Total Destroyed: 834 units
• Increase: +0 units

No new MLRS units have been destroyed since the last report, indicating a possible shift in the types of weapons being deployed or used.

Anti-Aircraft Warfare Systems

• Total Destroyed: 558 units
• Increase: +2 units

Aircraft and Helicopters

• Total Aircraft Destroyed: 320 units
• Total Helicopters Destroyed: 324 units

No new aircraft or helicopters have been destroyed, suggesting that air combat may have reached a temporary stalemate.

UAV Operational-Tactical Level

• Total Destroyed: 5,399 units
• Increase: +9 units

Cruise Missiles

• Total Destroyed: 1,541 units
• Increase: +3 units

Naval Assets

• Total Boats/Warships Destroyed: 20 units
• Total Submarines Destroyed: 1 unit

Special Equipment and Other Vehicles

• Total Special Equipment Destroyed: 1,011 units
• Increase: +1 unit
• Total Vehicles and Fuel Tanks Destroyed: 9,524 units
• Increase: +11 units

Avdiivka’s Resolute Defense:
In a significant disclosure, President Zelenskiy illuminated the heavy toll incurred by Russian forces attempting to encircle Avdiivka. The mid-October renewed offensive witnessed a persistent barrage of artillery, waves of troops, and armored assaults aimed at overwhelming Ukrainian positions. The loss of at least a brigade’s worth of troops reflects the resolute defense mounted by Ukrainian forces amidst the relentless assault.

Kherson Under Siege:
The southern city of Kherson experienced a harrowing artillery barrage by Russian forces, resulting in numerous injuries and substantial structural damage. The assault signified a pronounced escalation, further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region.

International Support and Scrutiny:
In a bolstering move, the European Council envisages directing funds accrued from frozen Russian assets towards aiding Ukraine’s recovery. This substantial financial support underscores the international commitment to Ukraine’s stability amidst the ongoing conflict. Concurrently, French President Emmanuel Macron’s criticism of Hungarian Leader Viktor Orbán’s engagement with Vladimir Putin highlights the necessity of maintaining a united front against Russian aggression.

Avdiivka. The result of yet another meat grinder assault.

Attempt on Pro-Russian Figure:
The unfolding situation saw an assassination attempt on Oleg Tsaryov, a pro-Russian figure, intensifying the political intrigue surrounding the conflict. This incident, amidst the backdrop of military engagements, hints at the complex and multifaceted nature of the Russia-Ukraine confrontation.

Call for Demobilization and Aid Scrutiny:
As the conflict drags on, the toll on military personnel and their families becomes more evident. A poignant call for voluntary demobilization by the families of enlisted Ukrainian soldiers underscores the protracted nature of the conflict. Additionally, discussions on aid allocation, with Slovakia’s prime minister voicing concerns over potential misappropriation, mirror the broader considerations surrounding international support.

More than 1,500 Ukrainian FPV kamikaze drones "Shrike" were sent to our soldiers in the Donetsk direction, - Fedorov

Day 612 of the Russia-Ukraine conflict unveils the grim reality of unyielding military engagements, significant troop losses, and the international dynamics at play. The unfolding events reflect the complex interplay of military, political, and humanitarian considerations that continue to shape the discourse surrounding the protracted conflict.