In-Depth Military Report: Day 40 of the Israel-Gaza War

In-depth analysis of Day 40 of the Israel-Gaza War, focusing on the IDF’s strategic operations at Shifa Hospital, international reactions, and broader geopolitical context.

In-Depth Military Report: Day 40 of the Israel-Gaza War

November 15, 2023

As the Israel-Gaza conflict reaches its 40th day, a critical juncture has been reached with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intensifying operations at the Shifa Hospital complex and the international community responding with varied stances. This report delves into the military developments, diplomatic reactions, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Military Operations at Al-Shifa Hospital

• IDF’s Focused Operation: The IDF announced its operation against Hamas in a specific section of the Shifa Hospital complex, citing intelligence and operational necessity. This strategic focus indicates the IDF’s intent to target key Hamas infrastructure while minimizing broader civilian impact.
• Entrance of Tanks and Call for Surrender: IDF tanks entering the hospital complex mark a significant escalation, potentially aiming to apply pressure on Hamas operatives to surrender. This move suggests a direct approach in neutralizing perceived threats within the hospital.
• Weaponry Discovery: Reports from Netanyahu’s aide, Regev, about finding weapons inside the hospital’s MRI center, if confirmed, could justify the IDF’s aggressive stance from an operational standpoint, aligning with their narrative of Hamas using civilian infrastructure for military purposes.

International Diplomatic Reactions

• Palestinian and Jordanian Response: The Palestinian Foreign Ministry’s assertion of Israeli responsibility for the safety of individuals inside Shifa Hospital aligns with international humanitarian law. Jordan’s Foreign Ministry condemned the IDF’s actions as a breach of international law, reflecting regional concern over the escalation.
• US and European Concerns: The White House and French government’s expressions of concern underscore the sensitivity of military operations within medical facilities. The WHO’s condemnation of the incursion highlights the violation of international norms regarding the sanctity of medical sites in conflict zones.

Humanitarian Crisis and International Law

• Crisis Inside Shifa Hospital: The director of Shifa Hospital reported critical shortages, including water, electricity, and oxygen. These conditions exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, affecting not only patients but also the displaced individuals seeking refuge within the hospital.
• Violation of the Law of War: White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby’s statement that using a hospital for military headquarters constitutes a violation of the law of war aligns with international humanitarian law principles.

Broader Geopolitical Context

• US Senate and China-US Relations: The US Senate’s moves to speed up voting on critical funding and President Biden’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the backdrop of the conflict reflect the complex geopolitical environment. Biden’s remarks on not supporting Taiwan’s independence during this period indicate the broader balance of power considerations for the US.
• Iran’s Involvement: Iran’s Supreme Leader’s statement to Hamas’ Chief regarding the lack of warning about the October 7 attack on Israel and refusal to enter the war reveals the intricate regional alliances and strategic calculations.

Evolving Conflict Dynamics

• Hamas’s Negotiation Stance: Hamas agreeing to the outlines of a deal, potentially to increase humanitarian aid to Gaza, while Israel continues to negotiate, shows a shift towards conflict resolution efforts. However, Netanyahu’s firm stance on eliminating Hamas operatives and rescuing hostages suggests ongoing military objectives.
• International Criminal Court Consideration: South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa’s suggestion to refer Israeli government actions to the International Criminal Court for war crimes indicates growing international scrutiny and calls for accountability.


The 40th day of the Israel-Gaza conflict is marked by a significant escalation in military actions, particularly at Al-Shifa Hospital, amid complex international diplomatic reactions and a deepening humanitarian crisis. The operations at Shifa Hospital have become a focal point of global concern, reflecting the challenging balance between military objectives and humanitarian considerations in modern warfare.