Day 35 of the Israel-Gaza Conflict

Day 35 of the Israel-Gaza war sees intensified military actions, humanitarian crises, and global reactions. IDF targets Hamas leaders, while hospitals in Gaza face dire situations.

Day 35 of the Israel-Gaza Conflict
IDF infantry units, supported by armored vehicles, operate in the coastal zone of Gaza.

The Israel-Gaza conflict has reached its 35th day, marked by significant military actions, increasing casualties, and a deepening humanitarian crisis. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the events and their implications.

IDF Actions and Hamas Response

IDF infantry units, supported by armored vehicles, operate in the coastal zone of Gaza.

• IDF Kills Hamas Commanders: On the morning of November 10, 2023, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported the killing of two Hamas commanders from the Nukhba force, linked to the October 7th attack.
• Hamas Infrastructure Damage: The Hamas-run government office in Gaza stated that over 50% of housing units suffered damage, and approximately 32,000 tons of explosives were dropped in the past month.

Healthcare and Humanitarian Crisis

• Shifa Hospital Encirclement: Israeli forces have encircled Shifa Hospital, which the Israeli authorities claim is located above Hamas headquarters.
• Food Insecurity: The World Food Programme’s Director of Emergencies announced that 100% of Gaza’s population is currently food insecure.
• Strikes on Shifa Hospital: 13 people were reportedly killed in strikes on the Shifa Hospital complex, according to Hamas-run government sources.

Evacuations and Displacements

• Evacuation Calls and Movements: The IDF renewed evacuation calls after surrounding two hospitals in Gaza City. Around 80,000 people evacuated northern Gaza, with over 100,000 Palestinians moving from the north to the south of the Strip in two days.

Global and Regional Responses

• US and International Reactions: The US military reported shooting down an armed drone aimed at their forces in Syria. International reactions included condemnation of the targeting of healthcare facilities in Gaza and calls for the cessation of hostilities.
• Death Toll and Fatwa: The Hamas-run Health Ministry reported a death toll of 11,078, including 4,506 children. Indonesia’s top Islamic clerical body issued a fatwa calling for a boycott of companies supporting Israel.

Military Developments and Statements

• IDF Military Advances: The IDF reported taking several Hamas outposts and destroying military headquarters and rocket launch sites.
• IDF Spokesperson’s Remarks: The IDF spokesperson stated that if Hamas terrorists were firing from hospitals, the IDF would take necessary actions.

Healthcare System in Crisis

• Allegations Against IDF: Reports emerged of the IDF opening fire on the intensive care unit at Al-Quds Hospital. The Palestinian Red Crescent condemned the targeting of Al-Quds Hospital.
• WHO’s Assessment: The World Health Organization described the healthcare system in Gaza as having reached a “point of no return,” risking the lives of thousands.

Political Statements and Economic Impacts

• Comments by Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron: Former US President Donald Trump commented on the mutual hatred between Palestinians and Israelis. French President Emmanuel Macron urged Israel to stop its actions, citing civilian casualties.
• Moody’s Rating Change: Moody’s Credit Rating Agency changed the outlook for the United States rating to ‘negative’, reflecting the conflict’s broader economic implications.


The 35th day of the Israel-Gaza conflict underscores the complexity and severity of the situation. The military engagements, humanitarian crises, and international reactions highlight the urgent need for a resolution to prevent further loss of life and suffering.