Morning Report: Day 40 of the Israel-Gaza War

Day 40 of the Israel-Gaza war is marked by intense Israeli operations at Al-Shifa Hospital, significant global political developments, and an escalating humanitarian crisis.

Morning Report: Day 40 of the Israel-Gaza War

November 15, 2023

As the Israel-Gaza war reaches its 40th day, the conflict intensifies with strategic military operations at Al-Shifa Hospital, amid global political responses and a deepening humanitarian crisis.

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Military Operations and Developments

• IDF’s Comprehensive Control of Al-Shifa Hospital: Israeli Defense Forces have exerted complete control over Al-Shifa Medical Center, a key location in Gaza City. There is heavy fighting inside and around the hospital, with the IDF focusing on Hamas positions and underground tunnels.
• Journalists Barred from Al-Shifa: The Israeli army is restricting journalist access to Al-Shifa Hospital, suggesting the preparation for a major operation. The IDF has entered the specialized surgery building, indicating the significance of this operation.
• Search Operations: Israeli forces are rigorously searching the emergency and surgical wings of Al-Shifa Hospital. The primary focus is the basement area, where the entrance to a Hamas command-and-control complex is suspected.
• US-Israel Coordination: A phone call between U.S. President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu likely discussed the ongoing operations at Al-Shifa Hospital and the associated hostage situation.

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Humanitarian and Medical Crisis

• Deteriorating Healthcare Situation: The storming and subsequent combat within Al-Shifa Hospital highlight the dire state of healthcare facilities in conflict zones, endangering patients, medical staff, and displaced civilians sheltering there.
• Challenges in Medical Treatment: Reports from Al-Shifa Hospital indicate surgeries being conducted under extremely challenging conditions, including a lack of oxygen, making general anesthesia impossible.

Global Diplomatic Responses

• King Abdullah of Jordan’s Commentary: King Abdullah II of Jordan expressed concern about the ongoing war narratives, warning of increasing extremism and vengeance on a global scale.
• US President Biden’s Remarks on China: President Biden’s comments about ‘real problems’ under President Xi Jinping’s leadership indicate wider geopolitical concerns amidst the ongoing conflict.
• Suspension of Diplomatic Ties: Belize’s suspension of diplomatic ties with Israel reflects the growing international discontent with the ongoing military operations.

Additional International Perspectives

• Yemen’s Houthi Threat: The Houthi spokesperson’s threat to target Israeli ships in the Red Sea suggests potential expansion of the conflict into other regions.
• US Aid Enhancement for Israel: The U.S. has increased military aid to Israel, including shells and missiles for Apache gunships and bunker-buster munitions, indicating strong ongoing support.


The 40th day of the Israel-Gaza conflict is characterized by intense Israeli military actions, particularly at Al-Shifa Hospital, against a backdrop of global diplomatic shifts and a worsening humanitarian crisis. The situation remains critical, with the potential for further escalation and broader regional implications.